Reliable Software Engineering For Your Team

I work with innovative companies, startups and investors to successfully & efficiently get from idea to Minimum Viable Product to production-scale software. From zero to speed.

Your Aspiration

  • Apply Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning to your business
  • Implement your innovative idea professionally and launch to market in a short while
  • Resolve a key technical challenge, simplify complex or unmaintainable software
  • Coach and organize your team to deliver professional quality software efficiently

Your Benefits

  • Get an efficient technology set up from day 1
  • Build a team that delivers marketable solutions, not just technology
  • A trusted partner located in Switzerland

I am available to work with you short-term and long-term, remote first. My expertise includes data-intensive and IoT systems, fully integrated AI, fullstack from backend to mobile.

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  • "Was able to achieve fantastic results for clients" Team Lead
  • "Delivers always on time and in agreed quality" Quality Manager
  • "Patrick is a pleasure to work with" Software Engineer
  • "I recommend Patrick to anyone looking for a senior IT and tech professional." Innovation strategist, builder of ecosystems

Recent Projects

Having worked in senior roles as employee and freelancer in corporates, SMEs and startups my projects cover a wide range from prototyping to highly scalable production software. A few recent examples are listed below.

My credo is to start small and release often, attaining a scalable and maintainable design & architecture, from day 1. This applies to new and existing projects. Stakeholders benefit by getting results early and receive value from features they actually need. I'm experienced with building, coaching and leading local and remote teams and like to keep involved at the code level (so you don't have to).

smart mobility - Machine Learning for Mobility & Logistics, IoT - Machine learning model, mobile apps and software platform to predict demand and recommend the best navigation route and best seating in public transport. The platform is applicable to a wide range of scenarios, including fleet management, last mile delivery and shipping logistics optimization. Technology: Python, scikit-learn, Apache Spark, Amazon AWS, Kafka, MQTT, Docker, JavaScript, HTML, Android, iOS
omega|ml - The Data Science Platform that Scales from Laptop to Enterprise - omega|ml enables teams of data scientists and software developers to collaborate and create production- scale software. Applications in IoT, logistics, predictive maintenance and other industries e.g. retail customer value prediction, medical diagnostics, public open data trend prediction. Technology: Python, scikit-learn, Apache Spark, MQTT, Amazon AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, HTML, R
Fraud Detection in Financial Services - Machine learning model MVP system to automatically score transactions in real time in the context of a financial payment system. Coaching and leading the team to deliver results on time and in budget. Technology: Python, scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy
Deep Learning for Image Recognition, Sentiment Analysis and Text Generation - Multiple machine learning models for image recognition using CNN, sentiment analysis and text generation using word2vec, RNN and LSTM models. Technology: Keras, Tensorflow, Python
Quadcopter Reinforcement Machine Learning - Machine learning proof of concept to teach a quadcopter to take off and land safely. Technology: Keras, Tensorflow, Python
Cloud Deployment of Financial Risk Engine - Packaging, pipeline development and deployment of the highly scalable cloud component of the financial risk engine. Software Engineering, Solution Architecture and Coaching of Quant and Dev teams. Close collaboration with tech leads at corporate partners. Technology: Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Python, PyData, Java
MedTech App Development & Device Integration - Technology evaluation, device simulation and software development for an innovative Swiss MedTech startup, leveraging new technology on every level. Technology: Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Objective C, Java, JavaScript iOS, Android